The Current Academy

Current Academy Calendar 2020

Week 1 July 6th to July 


Welcome party and games

Design and Brain Storming

Pencils- Paper – design Software

Computer skills- Paper Programming and Algorithms

Career path – Library Get library cards- E. Flushing


Week 2 July 13th to July 17th

Communication and Mass Collaboration

Measuring tapes and hand tools. Hammer Bingo

Computer Skills - Internet overview.

Trips – Bowling

Career food service – Pizza Garden Thursday

Tuesday Water WorX – Misting and Rain systems


 Week 3 July 20th to July 24th

Transportation and exploration

Safety and Viewing – Compass and maps

Computer skills- Monitoring and Anti malware

Trip - Queens Science Museum

Career focus trip- MFTA in LIC – Recycling and repair

Water WorX – Valves and Hydraulic pressure

Concrete Lab


Week 4 July 27th to July 31rd

Bonding and Self Awareness.

Hammers Nails – Screw Drivers and Hand tools

Scratch language and coding websites- Registration

Career focus Mechanic shop

Car maintenance- Change tire/check air - Change Oil

Trip – Fire Fighting Museum

Water WorX- Tanks and floods

Bubble Party


Week 5 August 3rd to August 7th

Gravity and external forces.

Locks and security - Physical and electronic 

Microcomputers and electronic switches. Arduino, Raspberry PI- Programming and electronics

Career path - Computer repair and or locksmith

Stocks and Charts

Trip – South Street Seaport and Federal reserve

Water WorX- Tipping points and water weight


Week 6 August 10th to August 14th

Flight and motion - Rockets

Levers and Simple machines

Wireless controls RC, Wifi, and Bluetooth

Trip – Flight Museum in Nassau County or Intrepid

Career – TBD- Trying to get Flight or robotics

Paper Airplanes and Rockets

Water Worx- Endless water streams


Week 7 August 17th to August 21st

Materials and insulation

Cosmetics and finishes – Cases and shells

Computer skills- lists and sorting

Trip Cooper Hewitt design Museum or Paley Center

Career – In house visit Welding or Electric

Water Worx – Pumps and waterfalls



Week 8 - August 23rd to August 28th

Bubble Party

Energy and storage

Motors and fuel and simple chemistry

Timers and Scheduling

Water Worx - Homemade Water Park

End of Year Field Day and Circus

Trip – Fort Totten possible fishing trip

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